Building Family Harmony
by FM and ZS, Ontario, Canada

When our son was three years old, we used to read his youth discourses to him, then do a short HU chant as a family before he went to bed. When he got a little older, we started to take turns leading a short spiritual exercise each night. We would imagine the Mahanta and one of the other ECK Masters knocking on our door, and we would go open the door and invite them into our house to do the HU chant with us.

These experiences were so special and created a strong spiritual foundation for our family.

As time went on we adjusted the schedule and the spiritual exercises to suit the changing needs of our family.

Sometimes we would create our own family spiritual exercises based on the questions and concerns we had at that time. We would invite the Master to work with us and help us each learn whatever spiritual lesson we needed. This kind of exercise not only helped us solve our problems as individuals, but also resolved some family issues and brought more harmony.

Now that our son is a teenager, we’ve been having a family book discussion for the past two years, based on the ECK Parables series. Every night before bed, we take turns reading a story and asking each other, “What’s the wisdom of this story for you?” We each summarize the spiritual insights and lessons we received from that story.

We learn so much together!

Doing family HU chants and spiritual exercises together over the years has helped us have more harmony, love, and gratitude in our lives. Whenever we miss doing them, we notice a change in our attitudes and the balance of the family.

This short time of daily family spiritual activity really bonds us together with divine love and helps each of us grow spiritually.

From the December 2018 Mystic World