Get Love by Giving Love

How do I help my child learn the basics of forming good, loving relationships with others?

—Wanting the Best

Dear Wanting,

Over time, children pick up finer subtleties of getting along with others. If they have the good fortune of loving parents, they soon realize that as one gets love, he must also give it. Love is like water in that only so much of it fits into a glass. Before more can go in, some must be let out. So, if one doesn’t keep giving out love, more can’t come in.

People often wonder, How do I get God’s love? You get more of it by giving of your own to others.

All in all, earth is a spiritual school. Designed and set up by God, it lets each of us, each Soul in this world, learn more about becoming godlike—becoming more like God.

The whole purpose of you, me, and everyone else is to become more godlike. It is our mission, or purpose, here. It’s the key to happiness.