Unfolding with Time

How can I help my eight-year-old daughter when she gets upset?

Also, how can I help her trust more in herself? She feels unsure of herself and cares too much about others’ judgments.

How can I help her trust more in herself as Soul and be more open to talking about herself with others?

—Riccardo, Italy

Dear Riccardo,

People have all kinds of temperaments, from shy and retiring to outgoing and responsive. She is showing her basic nature now, but getting older and having more experiences will soften her.

Praise her when she performs a task well. Tell her often that you love her.

Some people don’t like to talk to others about themselves because they’re afraid of being hurt. That is surely a risk, yet it can also be very uplifting to share events of the day with a close friend. Does she have such a friend?

Your daughter is like a flower. She will unfold as the time is right.