We are living in a time where, in North America, some of our constitutional rights are being threatened, including parental rights. Since I place a high value on freedom and want the best for my child, I have begun to participate in events and groups that are a voice for protecting these rights, especially those pertaining to children.
I’ve found, however, that a fine line exists between advocating passionately and allowing oneself to become too emotional. I want to do my part to protect my child. At the same time, I understand the spiritual importance of detachment. To attempt to remain in balance, I sing HU throughout the time I spend educating myself and participating in these events. I also take breaks to help me maintain a spiritual perspective.
Can you give any advice on what else I can do to keep walking this line more consciously? How can we do our part and still stay in balance and come from a place of love?
   A Protective Parent
Dear Protective Parent,
I understand this is a hot topic for parents around the world now. But let’s look at North America.
When we speak of constitutional rights, it means politics is involved and suggests two opposing viewpoints. Which side is fighting hardest for the constitutional rights of parents and their children?
Suppose for a moment that the side fighting hardest for these rights is a long-standing opponent of yours. Wouldn’t you have to hold your nose when participating in their events? If so, you’re tearing yourself in two.
To maintain your equilibrium, you must be completely honest with yourself. Look closely at your values, and determine if the political faction you do not support is actually the one carrying the torch for justice. You have a decision to make.
You must give your whole support to the values you support. Otherwise guilt will tear you apart.
Decide what you’re fighting for. Give up your prejudices, and you’ll be a lot more peaceful inside.