Parenting Teens with Less Fear

How do I parent with less fear, especially through the teenage years? My own decisions and mistakes loom over me, and I want to protect my daughter from making those same misguided choices.

I do realize she is on her own unique Soul path and will have to experience life her way—growing pains and all. To combat my fear, I am intentionally making space for us to end our day together with bonding time and spiritual exercises. Do you have any specific tips or favorite exercises?

—Nicole C., USA

Dear Nicole,

Many parents bite their nails when their children reach their teens. I, too, slipped into trouble now and then, even though my intentions were good. Today’s youth need to learn from their mistakes, even as adults do.

Making time for you and your daughter to end the day with bonding time and spiritual exercises is a very fine practice. Stay with it.

Sing HU together at bedtime. You may ask the MAHANTA to help with your health, uplift you spiritually, help you see a situation more clearly, and other things. Your requests will be made with the understanding that “Not my will, but Thine be done.” These sessions may last five to fifteen minutes or so.