I was born into an ECK family and married a Catholic man. We’ve agreed to each raise our kids in our own separate spiritual teaching until they reach their majority at age eighteen. Then they may choose the path they wish to pursue.

I sing HU with them every night, but they don’t always sing. Most of the time they just listen. Do I have to “force” them to sing? How can I explain to them why it’s important to sing HU and how to see or feel the Master’s presence?

There’s another problem. Due to a difficult relationship between my husband and my mom, he doesn’t want my mom to sing the HU with our kids. That bothers me a lot, and I don’t know what to do.

I try to keep our family in harmony, but the tension between him and my mom makes things very difficult sometimes. Thank you.

–Nicoletta, Canada

Dear Nicoletta,

To keep harmony in the family, tell your mom you need to respect your husband’s wish that she not sing HU with the kids.

Tell your kids that HU is a name for God they can sing whenever they’re afraid or in trouble, and also when they’re so full of love they can hardly stand it.

Making them sing HU would likely turn them against the HU. Invite them to sing along with you. They may or may not, and that’s all right too.

When they reach their majority, be ready to accept their choice of a spiritual path, because it may be neither ECKANKAR nor Catholicism. Love them whatever they choose.