This past year has been strenuous and challenging. As a parent of young school-age children, I feel I dropped the ball on raising my children to focus on the spiritual principles of ECK at the start of each day. I let anger get the best of me on my worst days, and I feel I should be doing more to help my children see events in the world today through a spiritual lens.

We make up our own spiritual exercises, and my children fall asleep to the HU every night.

But what more can I do at home to incorporate the ECK principles into our stressful lives and help my children trust in the Mahanta?

—Stressed Out

Dear Stressed Out,

It’s good your children do their spiritual exercises and sing HU before bedtime. That’s a good spiritual foundation.

As to what you can do at home to incorporate the ECK principles into your day to ease the tensions, do the following three things:

  1. When a significant decision is to be made, listen carefully for the Master’s promptings. Putting your faith in the Mahanta can disperse the mental and emotional fog to help you make better choices.
  2. Ask the Inner Master for ongoing tips on how to relax when things seem to go badly.
  3. If they do go badly, ask, “What’s the lesson in this for me?” Share such things with each other as they occur.

These three suggestions can help all of you build a rock-solid ECK foundation.