Try This Spiritual Exercise!

Letting Go of Problems: The Snowball Technique

Have you ever tried the Snowball technique? It is a short spiritual exercise in which we give a situation or problem that is on our mind to the Mahanta.

These are the steps:
1. Take a moment, with your eyes open or closed, and imagine a pile of snow.
2. Think of the problem or idea. Put it inside a snowball. Pack it tightly!
3. Picture the ECK Stream, the river of ECK love.
4. Throw the snowball, with the problem inside, into the ECK Stream. Watch it float down the stream and disappear.
5. Then dust your hands off, and say, “That’s all!” meaning that you have given it to the ECK and the Mahanta.

This is a method of surrendering to the love of the Mahanta. He is always with us. Why not accept his help? It works!

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