My son is facing hard times at school with his new teacher. And it is hard for me to see my son so confused, angry, and sad. He has lost the confidence to write by himself. This has become a big issue in his life.

His last teacher was so compassionate and worked with him in a loving way, helping build this skill in him.

He is so hard to manage now. Im exhausted. I try to understand the lesson in this, but I’m confused.

I dont know how I can help or support him.

Thanks so much, dear Mahanta.

—Confused and Exhausted

Dear Confused and Exhausted,

Your son must learn that life isn’t always just and fair.

People who have a burning desire to write will write. In their diary (a budding writer should keep one), they will be honest and say exactly how they feel about situations, like the one with his new teacher. That’s what a writer could be expected to do.

If a no-nonsense teacher can make him lose interest in writing, that person has done him a favor. Your son is then free to look around for something he would really like to do.