Trial and Error through the Teen Years

In the teen years, with the hormones, the fatigue, and the emotions of growth spurts, the resistance kids give can be intense at times. We find it helps to go to Satsang class and the ECK services, do family HU songs, and do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Are there any other ways we can smooth this passage and balance the growth of independence with the guidance we wish to give them?

Thank you so much for all your love and support.

—Sharon P., USA

Dear Sharon,

Ah, those teen years! Trial and error, as you watch your kids bump around, trying to firm up the values you’ve instilled in them from early on.

They’re like young peregrine falcons that can fly up to two hundred miles per hour, only to slam into immovable objects, since they’ve not yet learned to steer or use their air brakes. Aren’t they much like us in our adolescence?

They’ll outgrow that stage and, hopefully, learn from the trials and foolishness of their youth.

My love to you and yours.