The Changing of the Guard


When I joined ECKANKAR as a child, you were the Living ECK Master. So I have not experienced the passing of the Rod of ECK Power. Do you have any guidance on how to help my children understand the transition from one Living ECK Master to another?

For instance, if the next Living ECK Master is not a fourteenth initiate, which you mentioned as a possibility, would my children work with you as the Mahanta, with Rebazar as the Torchbearer, or with the new Living ECK Master?

What do I need to understand in order to teach my children about the succession?

—A Grateful Mama

Dear Grateful Mama,

Let’s unwind some of the confusion you feel.

Rebazar is the Torchbearer. His role is to act in the event the current Living ECK Master leaves before October 22. He fills in until then, when the new Living ECK Master steps in.

The new Master enjoys your respect as the highest state of consciousness in the world. He has earned the title of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

The changing of the guard is always an exciting time. When it happens, some chelas hang on to their old Master, but if they truly listen to their hearts, they will turn their guidance and loyalty over to the new Master.

For any other questions, go to the Inner Master. Peace and love to you.