Last year, our son was diagnosed with autism. It shook our family. But with the help of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, and especially the initiate reports, we have received much spiritual help along the way and are able to manage many of the difficulties that come up.
Also, after some hard-earned efforts, we managed to get government funding for his many therapies.
As an ECKist, I understand that each Soul comes to this life with the conditions that create the best opportunities for Its spiritual growth. During the past year, I’ve also learned a lot about anger and its effect upon family harmony.
I’d like to ask a specific question about our son. He is very picky about food and at mealtimes usually throws tantrums. He does not eat fruit, but we, as parents, want him to have a variety of it. Instead of fruit, he craves chocolates and other sweets.
Some of the occupational therapists in the Autism Services Center want to take him through a course designed to teach and discipline him with his eating habits.
What would you do in my circumstances?
What is our responsibility as parents? How can I personally better appreciate having an autistic child? Why, in recent years, are more children being diagnosed with autism?
It seems very few really know the spiritual reasons behind it.
—Dad of Autistic Son
Dear Dad of Autistic Son,
First of all, I commend you for so ably putting into words the stress that autism is placing upon your family.
Occupational therapists can be very helpful. They see a lot of other autistic children and know what works or doesn’t.
What would I do? Let me say that if I were facing a condition new to me, I’d learn all I could about available therapies and probably try one. I could always back out later if it proved ineffective.
And what is your responsibility toward your child? Whatever you feel is best for him.
How can you better appreciate having an autistic child? Consider your wonderful opportunity to unfold spiritually. Yet it’s up to you to recognize and seize any openings.
Your final question has an easy answer. Medical people are getting better than ever at spotting the condition.
With love and goodwill in ECK,