Try This Spiritual Exercise!

Conquering Fear

By Sri Harold Klemp

The ECK, Divine Spirit, pushes us into a situation where—by agreement, by saying we would like the next-higher stage of illumination—we open ourselves to changes in our life.

The moment we say to the Mahanta, “I am ready; take me where you will” is like the flash of lightning. In the space of time that follows, we face the unknown. We go about our life, changes start to occur, and we don’t quite understand what’s happening or how it’s going to turn out.

If you are afraid of something and feel like you are frozen on the edge of a cliff, close your eyes and imagine the Mahanta reaching out his hand. Visualize him guiding you past the steep ledge to where the path widens into a meadow.

Then Wah Z says, “When you get to areas of the path that are unfamiliar to you, you can use a technique to help you adjust. Begin by singing HU. After a few minutes, you will feel less afraid. Then walk in a small circle once. Sing HU while you walk. This will get you used to this new area.”

He shows you how to do it, and you copy him. Then he says, “Each time you walk around, make your circle a little wider. Soon you will be comfortable in the new area.”

—From The Spiritual Exercises of ECK