Balancing Use of Technology

What is the best way to help my children balance their use of technology? And to avoid having to struggle every time I bring the subject up? I am sure many parents have the same question, because kids can be so addicted to electronic devices. I do have limits for my kids, but they don’t really understand the danger.
Also, what is the best way to teach our children how to look for inner signs to find answers when they have problems in life? They don’t like to listen to me because I am their mom; and my husband is not an ECKist. I struggle with trying to teach them the spiritual principles without them feeling like I am preaching.
—Jasmine, Hawaii
Dear Jasmine,
You have two questions. First, let’s tackle the one about your children’s reluctance to balance their use of technology.
Today is a new age. Once, there was the transistor revolution; now, the microchip. I’m sure if we’d have had such devices in our youth, we’d have been on them all the time too.
The great danger here is that an electronic marvel like a smartphone—or whatever comes along tomorrow—will shift the creativity of the ECK youth from the Inner Master to an outer gadget. That’s a losing trade.
So remind them to keep in touch with the Mahanta by doing their spiritual exercises!
Now let’s consider your second question: What is the best way to help your children spot the subtle signs that could aid them in resolving their issues?
When you receive a subtle sign that helps you meet a problem, pass it along to them. That is an ideal way to teach a highly useful spiritual talent that will outlast the latest electronic device.

June 2019, The Mystic World