I have a four-year-old daughter and a ten-month-old baby. We do the HU daily, and I mentioned to my daughter that if we don’t do the HU, she will have nightmares. However, I don’t know how to teach her about you.

The other day she said she felt alone at school, and she’d had a nightmare. I mentioned she can call you to ask for help and companionship. But she does not understand.

Can you please help me find ways to teach a baby and a toddler about the Mahanta?


Dear Ana,

Your children need time to transition into this life. Even as we dare not pressure people to come into ECK, we must let our children develop an understanding of the Mahanta in their own time.

The transition spoken of above means that newcomers into this life need elbow room to work through things like nightmares, which usually go away by age six or so. Your daughter also needs more time to absorb the social skills that allow others into her circle.

Every child may have multiple tasks to learn before entering into the fullness of this life. The Mahanta is always with your young, but they need time to express what they see and know.

Continue to sing HU with them. Soul is in no hurry.

A hug and kiss for you and yours,