Providing for Your Family

I find myself still aspiring to physical things, for example, the construction of my home.  This has confused me.  On the one hand I am afraid that this is a negative attachment to material things; while at the same time, I feel I am merely fulfilling my responsibilities to my family.

I am grateful for your letter.  Please know that one must provide for his family as well as possible.  That has nothing to do with attachment.

God loves Soul rich or poor.  God does not necessarily love the poor more.  God loves Soul.  Thus we can enjoy the things of this life and support our family with material goods with no feelings of guilt.

The path of ECK is merely to open our consciousness so that we can become greater vehicles for Divine Spirit.  Thus ECK enhances our life and gives insight, strength, and understanding where we found only darkness before.

From A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 1