Try This Spiritual Exercise!

I Would Like to Know Truth

By Sri Harold Klemp

I would like to give a very simple spiritual exercise that fits nicely in this Year of the HU. Most of you know this technique, but I’ll repeat it for the new people just coming into Eckankar. They too need to learn how to work with HU.

This technique can be used in a contemplation that you can go into either when you are awake or as you go to sleep. You might want to use it during your waking hours if there is a problem at work, while you’re traveling, or if you feel you are in some kind of danger. In any situation where you would like to have the spiritual resources of the Holy Spirit, or ECK, available, you simply sing the word HU. 

If no one else is around, you can sing it quietly out loud. Start by singing a steady HU-U-U-U, then do it again and again.

You can use the same simple chant when you go to bed at night. Before you go to sleep, close your eyes and just sing HU several times. Then inwardly say something on this order: “I would like to know truth.”

You may ask this of me or of someone within your particular religious faith whom you trust. What you are saying is, “Teach me. Show me Thy ways.” So no matter who you visualize, you really are asking this of God; you are asking that the answer come from the source of all being, from your true home.

—Adapted from We Come as Eagles