Try This Spiritual Exercise!

Experience the Sound Current

By Sri Harold Klemp

When you go to bed, listen in a gentle, calm way to the night sounds. Sometimes you’ll hear the night birds, the hum of air conditioning, the traffic outside, a helicopter flying overhead, or the soft rumble of voices. Just lie in bed and listen. You hear these different sounds so often that you unconsciously erase them from your mind. Put some attention on them now.

While you listen to these physical sounds, sing HU, and then listen for the sacred sounds of ECK. They come in many forms, sometimes as the ringing or tinkling of bells or the sound of musical instruments.

Try to identify as many different physical sounds as you can. Go to sleep with these sounds in your consciousness, all the while knowing they are part of the HU, the universal Sound which embodies all others.

Listen carefully, because in these sounds you will find the secret name of God.

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK