Gift of Love

Have fun exploring new ways
to give love to all life as a family!

How It Works

  • As a family, designate a time to serve others with love.
  • Read an ECK quote, and sing HU as a family.
  • Choose a service activity your family would enjoy doing
    to practice serving the ECK, the Mahanta, and all life
    with love.
  • Afterward take time to reflect together on the spiritual benefits from your gift of love.


  1. Collect trash at your favorite parks.
  2. Spend time at your local animal shelter, giving love to the animals.
  3. Make cards or no-sew blankets for your local children’s hospital or homeless shelter.
  4. Set up a lemonade stand, or hold a garage sale or car wash, and donate the earnings to a local charity or your Satsang Society.
  5. Make a meal or bake something yummy for a new mother, new neighbor, or someone in need.
  6. Make a painting as a family, reflecting your love for God, and donate it to your local ECK Center, library, or nursing home.  Or give it to a friend.
  7. Create beautiful note cards with an uplifting message, and leave them in books for future readers. A few ideas: Happy reading! Have a wonderful day! You make a difference in this world! Thank you for being you!
  8. As a family, bring balloons to your workplace or your child’s school and pass them out to your coworkers or their classmates.
  1. Weed or plant flowers at your local ECK Center or in a neighbor’s garden.
  2. Help clean your local ECK Center.
  3. Host a coat, hat, and mitten drive, and deliver the items to a local shelter or nonprofit organization that supports local families.
  4. Make popsicles, and deliver them to your neighbors or friends on a hot summer day.
  5. Sponsor a family in need around the holidays, and bring them a meal and/or gifts!
  6. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or with an organization that makes meals for those in need.
  7. Volunteer together at a rest home to read stories, perform, or help out, and listen with love to the residents. You’ll learn so much!
  1. Leave Post-it notes on changing tables around town that say, “You’re an awesome parent!” or “You’re doing a great job!”
  2. As a family, shovel your neighbors’ driveway or rake their yard. Enjoy a warm cup of cider afterward!
  3. Send someone a card of appreciation or love.
  4. Offer to pet sit or walk a friend’s dog.
  5. Grow extra food and vegetables, and donate them to a food bank.
  6. Make tissue-paper flowers, or buy flowers, and bring them to your local hospital. Donate your gently used stuffed animals to a local firehouse or police station to give to children in emergencies.
  7. Donate and plant a butterfly bush to help your school start a butterfly garden.

What Gift of Love activity does your family love doing?

Send us your stories and photos of your family participating in a Gift of Love activity for possible submission to an ECK publication!

Share your pictures and ideas with
us for possible posting!