Helping Ancient Wounds Heal
My oldest son, who is twelve years old, is very scared. In addition, he is always distracted during ECK activities. What can I do to help him?
—Rita, Ivory Coast

Dear Rita,

Some Souls enter this life still smarting from events that went horribly wrong ages ago. Say, for instance, someone left his orthodox religion in a past life to join a teaching reviled in his land. Discovered, he paid the price of a martyr.

Might he not dread facing the same penalty today, even though no risk seems imminent?

That’s where your son is at.

Let’s not push him to be where he’s not ready to be.

How to help him? Could you dismiss him during the regular ECK activities? He needs time to let ancient wounds heal. Do suggest he sing HU during his absences from the ECK activities and think gently about the healing power of HU, and love.

The MAHANTA is always with him.