My daughter has split from me. Im really sad about this, because I dont understand why. She is an adult now, but sometimes in her reactions she seems like a child. Her marriage broke up half a year ago, so I think she might be confused due to her separation.

I’d like to know, dear Sri Harold, how can I deal with my grief and helplessness over this situation?

Thank you for all your love and compassion.

—Helpless with Grief

Dear Helpless with Grief,

A question to ask here is, What will we let destroy us? We may be able to manage our own lives, but we have precious little to say about how others run theirs.

Since she’s shut you out of her life, you must pull yourself out of your depression and determine to go on living. Can you think of ways to serve others? You need to. Your love must flow outward.

And sing HU, of course. Also ask the Inner Master to heal you from this very serious emotional blow.

Now and then, reach out to your daughter to see if she’s willing to move on from the past. Be prepared; she may not want to speak to you yet. Whatever the case, you must go on with your life.

You simply cannot stand by and let anyone, even your daughter, destroy your life. It is far too precious.