Try This Spiritual Exercise!

When You Have a Busy Day

By Sri Harold Klemp

When your job as a parent doesn’t leave time to do the spiritual exercises regularly, or at the same time each day, here is a technique to try.

Chant your secret word or sing HU quietly to yourself. Do this for a while during the day and as you go to sleep at night. If your schedule is such that it doesn’t allow time for you to sit up and do the twenty-minute spiritual exercise, you can also do a technique that I have used fairly often myself.

Just before you go to sleep, you can say to the Inner Master: “I give you full permission to take me to the place that I have earned or where I can learn something.” Then go to sleep, and don’t give it another thought.

The Inner Master will begin working with you in the dream state. Often you will find that as your consciousness changes, your outer circumstances may change too. It may take a couple of years. This is the physical world, and often it’s very hard.

But the ECK Masters begin working with us where they find us. In the spiritual works, we begin at the point where we are. We can wish for all the leisure time in the world, but the fact is, we have to really look at where we are and then consider what we are going to do in our own circumstances.

The ECK will take us one step at a time inwardly, and this will reflect outwardly in some way. Your life may not be easier, but it will certainly become more adventuresome.

—Adapted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK