Try This Spiritual Exercise!

Doorway to Heaven

By Sri Harold Klemp

Every time you walk through a doorway today, whether at work or at home, know that on the inner planes you are walking through a doorway to heaven. And that is every doorway, as long as you recognize this in your consciousness.

For example, suppose you have to face a difficult encounter with your child. As you walk through the door into the room, know that you are entering with a newer, higher consciousness.

When you get inside the room, pause a moment and ask yourself, How is my higher awareness going to affect me? Will I be more relaxed? More tolerant and patient? Will I trust Divine Spirit to provide me with the answers and guidance I need?

If you experiment with this technique, you will find it changes your viewpoint and lifts you higher and higher in awareness throughout the day. 

—Adapted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK