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The ECK Way to Pray

By Sri Harold Klemp

There are a lot of people who pray to God. But they often want others to do things their way, so they use prayer to control others and bring about their own wishes. It’s like a basketball team praying together before a game: “Dear God, help us win.” Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the court the other guys are busy doing the same thing. What kind of prayer is that?

When you ask God for help, you can say, “I am aware of the situation and the problem, and I want your help in whatever way you see fit.” This is the attitude of the ECKist. You look to see what you, yourself, can do to make the thing work; how you can overcome your own problem.

When you practice this, you are learning, unfolding, getting experience to become a mature Soul—someone fit to be a Co-worker with God.

—Adapted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK