I am an ECKist, and my wife is Christian. My son is three, and I would like to introduce him to the teachings of ECK.
Currently, I do not spend most of my time at home because I am working away from home in another country. My wife takes our son to church every Sunday. I know the value of the ECK teachings and would like my son to enjoy them too.
Please, how can I go about it without hurting the feelings of my wife?


Emmanuel, Ghana
Dear Emmanuel,
Many ECK parents are married to a non-ECKist. A principle I must follow is to keep families together and not separate them.
For background, please know that when a Soul reaches the level of unfoldment where It’s ready to learn of the ECK teachings, It has some say in the choice of parents.
Your son agreed to join you and your wife because the three of you have a love bond that goes way back.
Until he is of an age to make his own decision about ECK, would your wife agree to let him sing HU? It is an ancient love song to God and is tied to no one group, including ECKANKAR.
I wish there were more I could say or do. With all my love to you,