Giving Spiritual Freedom to Our Adult Children

 How can I fully understand and accept it when my adult children do not continue their active membership in Eckankar?

I know the Inner Master, the MAHANTA, will always be with them, so that makes me think it is a matter of complete trust in the ECK, surrender, and detachment on my part.

Spiritually I must unconditionally love and respect their spiritual freedom as Soul, thus demonstrating our path of spiritual freedom and divine love.

But, Z, it makes me sad inside to not be able to share these sacred teachings with them. I feel sometimes that had I done something different, or been a better parent, they would have stuck with their ECK spiritual journey, come what may.

What can we do as parents to give the best of what Eckankar has to offer so our children can really get what it is about? How would anyone ever leave this path then?


Dear Brokenhearted,

You were and are a good parent. Soul, however, deals with the big picture.

All your children will embrace ECK when their time has come. Consider, too, how you had to make sacrifices when you came to ECK. Your kids didn’t, so they may not value the teachings as greatly as you do.

Your heart is understandably heavy.

Give your children moral support in every way you can, but don’t push ECK on them. Naturally, you want to share the sacred teachings of ECK with them, but consider reaching out to people more likely to be open to the teachings.

Sometimes we wish we could do more, but remember the adage: Not my will but Thine be done.