The Ultimate Goal of Soul

What is the ultimate goal of Soul?

Here is a brief review of the final goal of Soul: It gathers an education in the lower worlds so that It can become a true citizen in the spiritual community. This is what we call a Coworker with God.

The relationship between parent and child in the worlds of matter is based on this spiritual design. The parent is the vehicle for the child’s entrance into the world and is responsible for his education. The child must, between birth and the age of perhaps eighteen, learn all the dos and don’ts of his culture. The significant fact underlying the parent-child relationship is that there is more freedom for the child as he gets older and assumes more responsibility. The parent has failed his duties if the child reaches legal age and is unfit to take his place in the world.

The path of ECKANKAR encourages the freedom and responsibility of Soul. After all, that is Its birthright.

Every Soul is a spark of God. The child learns by making errors, but the wise parent must let the child learn for himself, giving guidance when it is necessary.

From A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, p. 180