The Existence of God

How do you reply to a youngster who asks, “Who made God?”

“Go outside and play!”

If that doesn’t work, you’re in for it.

Young children often ask the most perplexing questions. In desperation I’ve resorted to, “Because!”

Because some things have no rational answer. And certainly, those matters that originate beyond the reach of man’s pygmy mind, a denizen of the Mental Plane, a world below the true spiritual worlds, well—

There is no answer.

So how do you answer a child? Or an agnostic or atheist? The origin of God is beyond human understanding. SUGMAD just IS.

The only possible way to pass on even a shred of one’s confidence in life in spite of not knowing the origin of our Creator is to do it via a bond of love. A child will pick up on a parent’s love and respect for (1) the child, (2) other people, (3) animals, (4) plants, and (5) yes, even material goods that make life easier and more fulfilling. Love and respect for life and the things of life.

And, the child also learns by example and teaching that too much of a thing may be harmful. A wise parent demonstrates the way of moderation.

The existence of God, to a believer, is a matter of demonstration: the flower, the ant, the tree, sun, stars, water, air, etc. But the origin of God?

Your most honest answer is, “We don’t know. We just know that God is love. Love has no beginning or end, and so neither does God.”

Then kiss and hug your child and say, “God loves us, and I love you.” It’s the best answer of all.