How can I be more patient with my three children? Often I get upset and lose patience. I feel bad about it, but even so, I don’t find the strength to change my attitude. It affects everybody around me–my children, my husband, and other family members.

I really want to change. How can I start?

Willing to Change
Dear Willing to Change,
You, of course, recognize that this is not a perfect world, so we’ve come here to rise above such spiritual defects. That is good. Earth provides the perfect environment for us to grow in wisdom and understanding.
So how to take control of your attitude?
When a family member or a situation upsets you, recognize it as an irritant that can be transformed into something positive.
Begin to sing inside yourself, “I love you.”
Keep singing it. Step into another room while doing so, if it’s safe to leave your children alone for a few minutes. When you sing, “I love you,” include others in your goodwill, like the Mahanta, your spouse, friends, or close relatives.
Don’t expect a miracle the first few times you try this, but the awakening of a new attitude is going on inside you.
You don’t have to be cheerful all the time, but at least try to be civil.
Please know that I am always with you and love you with all my heart. You have what it takes to become a kinder, gentler you.