Understanding the Laws of Spirit

Harold Klemp

We talk about how we must become as children to enter the kingdom of heaven. This means childlike in our state of consciousness. This doesn’t mean that children are always angels; sometimes they can be real monsters, because they haven’t yet learned the social consciousness. They’re completely at the mercy of the world, yet, on the other hand, the whole world revolves around them. Some are working with primitive instincts from birth. It’s a good thing children don’t become six feet tall right away, before they learn to fit into society and learn how to respect other people’s psychic space.

As parents we have a responsibility to show our children how to fit in and understand the laws of Spirit as they go out and try to make their way in life. We have to teach them about their responsibilities. We show them how the Law of Karma works. In other words, they learn that if you steal, you’re going to have to pay the debt.

Parents show their children how to fit into this life, understand the spiritual laws, and stand on their own feet. This is what the ECK Master teaches, too—spiritually. He gives help whenever it’s asked for.