01 JAN

Coming of Age

Sri Harold Klemp

Danielle sometimes worries about their two children. She says, “They’re not having the dream experiences my husband and I did. They go to the ECK Satsang class for children, and we teach them about ECK.” They try to make ECK interesting for the children. But she’s worried.

She says, “What if they don’t want to stay with the ECK teachings?”

This is the hardest thing for a parent of any religion. When the child comes of age and the parent has finished the social and spiritual instruction that is necessary for the child’s education in this world, then the child makes its own decisions. The child is no longer a child.

All I can say to the mother is, “Let your children be. Love them.” They may leave ECK, but if they’re supposed to find it again, they will, because that’s how love is. That’s how life is.

If your destiny is to move forward spiritually because you’ve earned the right, that information was made known to you between lifetimes. Although this information is known between lifetimes, it’s forgotten when people are born in the human body. The human must forget, otherwise the past would be too much to carry sometimes.