The Aquarium ECK Discovery

Awtar Singh Sarban Singh

My youngest granddaughter had a school assignment to create a homemade aquarium and submit photos of it to the teacher online.

She bought a large plastic bottle, tubes, small stones, and an aquarium pump. Then she placed the empty bottle on its side and cut a rectangular hole in the top side. That took her a few days. After some tests, she filled the bottle and placed small stones and some little fish inside.

Last, she tried to connect the pump tube to her aquarium so air could flow. But the connecting point and tube were the same size. No matter how hard she tried, she could not attach the tube.

It was the last day for submission, and she was stressed and tense. She came to me for help.

I tried it unsuccessfully. So I suggested she call a classmate and find out how they did it. Or go to the shop and ask someone there to connect the tube.

Angrily, she replied, “Youth always said, ‘Whenever you intend to do something, never give up. Do it until you succeed.’” I explained, “Yes you are right. But you also must use common sense.”

Then I told her to relax and chant HU. But she was almost crying and tried to connect the tube again. So I sat back, contemplated, and chanted HU.

Afterward, I suggested a new idea that had come to me. I put the tube into the tip of my ballpoint pen while she heated it up with a lighter. The tube softened a bit, and before it could cool down, we quickly pushed it onto the aquarium connector. It worked! The joy and happiness on my granddaughter’s face was beyond description.

Later, I told her, “When faced with a situation, just relax and chant HU. When you are stressed and tense, you block the flow. When you relax, the ECK will flow.”

This was a learning opportunity for her and for me too. The MAHANTA has given us a lot of tools to face situations. We must use them. Try one, and if it does not work, move on and try another.

Thank you, Wah Z, for this golden experience!