Opportunity for Service

Jade Adjibi

Most mornings on the way to school, it was our nine-year-old daughter ‘s responsibility to read the “Quote of the Day” from the Eckankar website before we sing HU.

One morning, she was eating breakfast on our daily drive, so I began to read the quote. She interrupted me and said, “Hey, that’s my responsibility!” I replied, “Well, you were eating. So I was trying to help you out.” She responded, “It’s not like I’m eating a croissant. I can still read it.” So, I handed her the phone so she could read the quote before we sang HU.

This simple and funny act reminded me of the love we have for one another, and also of the love God has for us. Our daily morning HU has become part of our routine. It is one of the ways in which we bond with one another. It’s a way we share love.

My daughter prevented me from having to try to read from the phone while driving. And we got our Soul nourishment for the day together. Her reaction was also a sign of her growing maturity and the joy she receives in helping another Soul.

Her response was like, Hey, Mom, don’t take away my happiness, responsibility, and opportunity to work with and assist you. I enjoy it. Let me be of service too!