By Marjorie LaBella

I discovered Eckankar when my son was eleven and shared the spiritual tools, including the HU, with my children. When my son was eighteen, he went out into the world to learn and make sense of the universe on his own, finding his own answers to questions of love and purpose.

Fast-forward twenty years. He had a son who was born three months premature, which resulted in some challenges early on in life. My grandson did not grow up with the HU. It saddened me to see he did not have spiritual tools to help him through the difficult times in his young life. Yet I respected my son’s spiritual journey and his choices for his family, and I honored the Law of Noninterference.

One day when my grandson was ten, he was visiting me and happened to see an issue of the Letter of Light sitting on top of a pile on my desk. The article “Harold and the Purple Crayon” caught his eye. He picked it up to read since, as he told me later, he recognized the title and loved the original story. When I came into the room I asked him what he was reading, and he showed me. By that time, he had read the article and was reading “Questions to the Master.” I asked him if he was ready to go outside, but he said no, he wanted to read more because it was helping him. He asked me to read with him and asked what the HU was, since it seemed to help the children who were having trouble with their peers. I explained that the HU is a love song to God. He told me his family did not believe in God, and I explained that the HU is a way of calling upon the universal love. He was comfortable with that. Then he shared with me what was going on in his young world. He started to sob. He asked me to show him how to sing the HU. Together we sang the HU, and he was able to calm down. We talked about many ways the HU can help him—it can bring strength, peace, and love—and I told him he could sing it quietly whenever anything made him uncomfortable. Then he hopped up and said, “I am ready to go outside now.”

That night when my son came to collect him, I shared the conversation about the deep grief my grandson was feeling and the reason he had asked me about the HU. My son said, “That is fine, Mom. I am glad he felt he could share with you. Mom, I grew up with the HU, and if it helps him, I am glad.”

About two months later, I received a call from my son, explaining that there had been an incident at school and my grandson was extremely upset. I reminded him about the HU and its power to help one in all situations. I suggested that my grandson could sing it every day after school to help him process the day’s events. He said he would remind my grandson.

The next week my grandson sent me a text after school to say his friend’s dog had been hit by a car and he was very sad because he loved the dog. I was in a meeting, but I was able to send him a text to tell him he could hold the puppy in his heart and send him love. He said he was almost crying and sent a picture of his very sad face. Then he texted,  “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.  My breathing is getting better. I love him.”

I spoke to him a few minutes later, and he was calm, and we sang HU together. Honoring the Law of Noninterference enabled the Mahanta to prepare all of us—my son, my grandson, and myself—for the right time to share this precious word.

* * * *

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