By Eric Volpe

Earlier this year, I was working from home. It took some getting used to after spending more than twenty years in an office environment. It requires discipline to spend the time needed to get your work done, and to be able to walk away from a home office. One of the blessings I was most grateful for was being able to spend more time with my five-year-old daughter.

One day, while working in my office at my computer, I heard something at my door.  I looked over my shoulder and saw my daughter standing at the door. She was, let’s say, being creative on the glass with a finger and what she could get in the way of saliva out of her mouth. I was really into my work at that time, so I was feeling a little annoyed at her timing and about the art on my window. I told her it was a bit gross and that we would now have to clean the glass. Then I turned back to my computer work. Moments later I looked back over, and she was licking the glass with her tongue! I said, “What are you doing?” She replied, “I am cleaning the glass, Daddy.”

I felt this anger wanting to well up, but I immediately caught myself and heard the inner voice of the Mahanta say, “Give her something to do.” So I said to my daughter, “Let’s clean the window together.  Go get the spray bottle and a rag.” She happily ran off and came back with the window cleaner and a rag. I then said, “OK, spray here,” and she sprayed. I wiped and shared how to clean the window and ensure the liquid doesn’t drip too much. Then I said, “Spray here, then here and here.” She was having fun spraying, and I was also enjoying our time together. The anger had left and been replaced by joy.

Moments later, I seemed to hear the inner Master’s voice again: “She is helping you polish the window of Soul.” I thought, Yes, so I can be more of a channel for love. The ECK was working through my daughter to teach me to act with love, no matter the situation. What a blessing and a gift this lesson was! It brought tears of joy to my eyes.

I just love how the ECK works, using others, especially in a family, to show us how we can be more of a channel for divine love in the simplest of situations. Our daughter continues to amaze us with how she is a channel for the ECK in so many ways.

I thanked the Mahanta for showing me the ways of divine love and the blessing of having such a loving family.

                                                                                 * * * *

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