A Precious Spiritual Tool

By Susi Tuita

When I knew I was becoming a parent, I contemplated a lot on how best to be a channel for the ECK (Holy Spirit) for this Soul that had chosen me as Its mother. Being a student in Eckankar gives me a whole lot of spiritual tools I use to get through my day-to-day life while growing into the best person I can be. It also gives me a spiritual guide who teaches me, both on the inner and outer, about who I really am, Soul, and shows me that I exist because God loves me.

One of the most valuable and precious spiritual tools I have is the HU. HU is an ancient word for God, sung or chanted aloud or silently, that connects me to divine love. It centers and calms me in times of stress and helps give me the answers I need. HU fills me with love. For me, it is also a glorious gratitude song when I want to send out love. I knew I wanted to share this precious gift with my child. I wanted her to have this spiritual tool so that she too would never feel alone and could feel the love of God in her life every day.

I sang HU as my daughter was delivered. The doctors and nurses were amused and curious; it made them smile. So my daughter was born into the sound of HU. Later I took my baby to HU songs, and she sat quietly throughout group chants. As she got older she would sometimes let out the occasional loud HU. When she began to talk, she would remind me to sing HU at the most perfect moments. I knew that HU was part of her.

When my daughter was around four years old, I went through an illness. She accompanied me to the many doctor appointments and offices. On one such visit we entered a very crowded waiting room and managed to find a seat. This was a place where people were dealing with news that changes lives and makes people face their fear of death. The tension in the room was obvious. My daughter looked up at me and said in a child’s whisper, “Mum, I think it’s time to sing HU.” She then proceeded to sing HU loudly, proudly, and clearly. Everyone in the room turned and looked at her, and people began to giggle and nudge each other. Soon people were commenting and chatting to each other about this little girl singing away without a care in the world. The tension in the room lifted, and the atmosphere shifted to one of joy. My heart smiled big.

Shortly after this I was in hospital for surgery, and my mum was looking after my daughter. My mum later told me that at the time I was being wheeled into the operating room, my daughter got a picture of me and put it on the floor where the sunshine was coming in the window. She lay on her stomach next to it. When Mum asked her what she was doing, her reply was, “I’m putting mummy in the Light,” and she began to sing HU.

My daughter seems to have a deep connection with and understanding of the gifts HU brings. I encourage her self-discovery of the spiritual tools that Eckankar teaches, but ultimately it is her decision if she takes them on and uses them. This is the spiritual freedom and respect for Soul’s journey that I have learned in Eckankar over the years.

My daughter is grown up now, and no matter what else, I know she has the HU in her spiritual toolbox.

 *   *   *   *

Would you like to share the gifts of HU with your children? Try this spiritual exercise with them.

Love the Song of HU

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are a key to your secret worlds.

They can be so simple. Just close your eyes in some quiet place, and sing HU to yourself. Relax, and let the love of God into your heart.

When you do the spiritual exercises, you set aside a time to be quiet and open yourself to the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God. You will come to see and live your life more fully.

You will come to love the song of HU.

—Sri Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, p. 78