Living Love through Actions

By Brad Norman

Being a parent in Eckankar and raising my son on this spiritual path has been a wonderful experience! We have learned many spiritual principles together. This adventure started when he was just a few days old. I went into contemplation and asked him what he needed and wanted in his life. To my surprise I inwardly heard him say he wanted to follow Eckankar, that this is what he came here to do. I was excited at the prospect of both of us experiencing this spiritual path together.

The main benefit we’ve received from following this path is learning about and experiencing divine love. For us, it means giving love to ourselves and all those around us, and doing everything to the best of our ability. We practice the Spiritual Exercises of ECK every day. They are a vital key to staying open to the MAHANTA and Divine Spirit’s guidance and love. From doing these exercises, our awareness of life’s blessings, love, and insights flourishes. One way we give love is by simply smiling and waving to our neighbors when they drive by. It’s a very common occurrence for one of them to stop and say how much they like it when my son waves to them, and how uplifting it is.

Going the extra mile in all we do has proven to be easier when we simply raise our awareness to where we realize our actions have an effect on those around us. A down-to-earth example is what happened to me in a restaurant restroom while the two of us were washing our hands before dinner. I went first and, quite frankly, left a mess in the sink area. My son went next, but when he finished, he took it a step further. He took some paper towels and wiped up the entire sink area and mirror, which only took about one extra minute to do. I was surprised. Noticing the look on my face, he said, “This is what the MAHANTA would do.”

Both my son and I have seen the benefit of this loving attitude and spiritual practice—leaving things in better condition than when we encounter them, along with love and respect for people and property.

  *        *         *

If you want to discover more ways to share your love of life in your everyday life, try this spiritual exercise!

Service to God is a natural outcome for all who connect with the Holy Spirit every day. Service to others is an outpouring of one’s love for life.

For the next week in your spiritual exercises or at bedtime, take a moment to thank God for the blessings in your life. With this feeling of gratitude, sing HU, and ask inwardly, “How can I serve all of life?” Write down any insights that come.

Imagine some new ways you’d like to be of service to God in your daily life. This can be at home, school, work, church, or in your community. Write your list down and select one thing to try for a day, weekend, or week!

Enjoy living love through your actions!

—Adapted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God, by Sri Harold Klemp, pp. 264, 266.