Sharing the HU with my Two-Year-Old

By Asweni Gunasegran

Growing up in ECK, I always looked at life as an adventure! Becoming a mother has certainly been the most thrilling one so far. I started singing the HU to my daughter when she was in my womb, and it was pretty exciting to observe how this little Soul reacted. Every day since she was born, I’ve made it a point to sing the HU or other ECK songs to my daughter before bedtime.

She is always calm when she listens to the HU. One day, we were staring up at our ceiling, when she said, “Ma, look up! There’s a star.” I playfully told her I couldn’t see anything. She said to me, “Look closer, Ma. It’s the North Star, and it will show you the way.” Later, I Googled what the North Star meant and found out that it’s a guiding star and actually does show you the way! This reminded me of how the MAHANTA, my inner guide, has often been seen by others as a Blue Star or Blue Light, and I wondered if this was the star my daughter was seeing.

My daughter is growing up to be a gentle and loving toddler, and I have started to include her when I am doing my spiritual exercises. The most amazing thing I’ve noticed is how extra cuddly and affectionate she becomes. When she sees me in contemplation, she’ll come sit next to me, kiss me all over my face, hug me, and say, “Ma, I love you.” Some days, she sits together with me and sings the HU. Other days she will be busy with her toys and books. However, from this experience, I know that in whatever way she decides to participate in the spiritual exercises, she is and will be connected to her inner guide and the ECK always.