A Great Love for God

Sri Harold Klemp

An ECKist was reading her monthly discourses one evening. At the end I had written, “In contemplation, ask the MAHANTA, ‘What does “a great love for God” mean?’ Then watch for the answer. It will come in either your outer life or your dreams, or both.”

When the ECKist woke up the next morning, her dreams made no sense whatsoever. She tried to piece them together without success.

Her seven-year-old daughter was leaving for school just then. As she leaned down to kiss her daughter, she shut her eyes, thinking of the great love she had in her life. Her family and her two daughters were a great blessing to her.

In that moment, the little girl looked up and said, “Open your eyes, Mommy.”

So the mother kissed her daughter with her eyes open, and they both laughed. In the next second the little girl ran out the door to school, and it hit the mother that she had gotten the answer to her question of the night before.

A great love for God means keeping your eyes open. The answer didn’t come in the dream state; it came from her daughter. It was: Keep your eyes open, and see the love of God that is all around you.

Look for the love of God in your everyday life.

Find joy in the little things, places other people would never stoop to look, but you do because you know this is where God has hidden the secret of love. Love is not in high positions, or riches, or having the esteem of many people, or being a great public figure.

God has hidden the secret of love in the lowly places. And too many people are too vain to stoop down to look for it.

They’re looking everywhere else—in the sky, in their wallets, in the electronics catalogs. But they can’t find love, they can’t find God, they can’t find anything. They haven’t bowed low enough to look for the love where God has put it. Love and awareness are in the most humble places. Look there.

May the blessings be.

—Sri Harold Klemp, What Is Spiritual Freedom?, pp. 24-26

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