My Daughter’s After-Death Visit


Several years ago, I got a phone call that changed my life. My daughter, Desola, had been seriously injured in a terrible car accident.

I rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. Desola, whom I called “my princess,” had died.

As a student of the ECK teachings, I knew that, as Soul, Desola is eternal. I also knew that death of the physical body frees us from the bonds of earth, allowing us to move on to our next spiritual experience.

But the shock and trauma of the accident seemed to make it difficult for Desola to move on—to let go of her physical life. For several days, ECK friends and family saw Desola in their dreams. Often, I could sense her clinging to me.

Three nights after the accident, I was practicing one of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK before going to sleep, when I felt someone sit down on the left side of my bed.

At first I was afraid. Who could this person be?

Then I inwardly heard Desola speak to me.

“It’s me, Dad!” she said.

Even though I knew this was my princess, the situation unnerved me. I began to sing HU aloud to calm myself and stay open to this gift of love.

As I sang, I was surprised to see my daughter lift gently off the bed and float to the ceiling. I watched in amazement as a bright white light began to shine through the oval windows of my bedroom.

Slowly, Desola floated effortlessly into the light and passed through one of the windows. As she did, she turned back to look at me once more.

“I love you,” she whispered.

Then she was gone.

I felt both sad and grateful at the same time.

It seemed to me that the love song of HU had created a bridge for Desola to find her way into the heavenly worlds, floating on a river of Light and Sound. I felt the MAHANTAs presence guiding my princess to her true home.

This experience proved to me that Soul is eternal. Life goes on, and our departed loved one is in just the right place to continue his or her spiritual journey and spiritual growth.

I’m grateful for the MAHANTAS love and guidance in helping my daughter find her way back home to God.