01 JAN

Let Them Lead

Shelley Hyndman

When our children were younger, we started each day with a spiritual exercise. However, we soon realized our children felt this was a chore. So we were grateful when the Inner Master gave my husband a simple answer in contemplation: Let them lead!

We began taking turns leading the spiritual exercise. Now the children could hardly wait for their daily Soul adventure! To our surprise, we were all treated to fun opportunities to use our divine imagination!

Our son might have us write down a concern and then crumple up the paper and shoot it into a wastebasket he had set in the middle of the room. This helped us actively release our worries to the ECK Stream.

Our daughter liked taking us to a beautiful seaside temple with a spiral staircase. She often met Wah Z and his wife, Joan, there. She said she would bake cookies with Joan, then Wah Z would invite her to explore. She then guided us to a hallway where every connecting room focused on a specific spiritual principle. We each chose a room and had our personal adventure with the MAHANTA.

We were so grateful our children were having fun learning how to go to the temple within themselves and connect with the Inner Master with an open heart!

The Wonder within You, a book by Sri Harold, offers that connection of the heart for youth everywhere, every day. It’s a gift of spiritual confidence, companionship, and trust in the Inner Master.