Dream Study with My Son

Brad Norman

My son and I frequently use the Spiritual Exercises of ECK to study our dreams. At bedtime, to signal our intentions, we look at pictures of the ECK Masters and inner-plane Temples of Golden Wisdom. We select an ECK Master to meet and a temple to visit in our dreams. For our spiritual exercise, we sing HU, a love song to God, and imagine what we have agreed to do. Then we head off to our separate bedrooms and go to sleep as usual, giving it no further thought.

One morning we discovered we had been in the same dream, and we remembered many similar details! In the dream, we got into a crescent-shaped swimming pool, swam with the MAHANTA, laughed, and joked around. The water was a very clear, clean blue.

After sharing our dreams with each other, we determined it meant we were on track with our lives and that this experience was one of spiritual renewal.

Exploring the teachings of ECKANKAR with my son has been a great time of learning, growing, and experiencing spiritual enrichment together.

           * * * *

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