Seeing My Children as Soul

Pam Rubio

Seeing My Children as Soul

By Pam Rubio

As an ECKist, I raised my children to recognize that each member of the family is a spark of God, Soul, on an individual path home to God. So, what does that mean?

For me it means that all members of my family are on a journey to individually find God and their own purpose in life. Through the tears and laughter, I always remembered how special and independent each of us needed to be.

My two sons are seven years apart, so I had to use different tools for each one of them. As a parent, you just keep on learning. Once when my youngest son was out with his friends, I found myself worrying and wondering about him. I had a feeling something wasn’t OK.

As I was fretting, I heard a soft inner voice say, “Why are you sending him waves of negative energy? Doesn’t he have enough to deal with just being in this world?”

I never thought I could be adding to his stress. But now I realized he not only had to deal with the negative energy of the world but also with the vibrations of fear I was sending out just by worrying about him.

I heard this sweet, peaceful voice of the MAHANTA, my inner guide, say, “Evan is safe, secure, happy, healthy, and wealthy. When you think of him, send him the vibration of peace and love.”

I repeated the phrase “safe, secure, happy, healthy, and wealthy” over and over. Peace and love filled my heart, and it helped me see my son as Soul.

Since then, I’ve used this phrase many times throughout the years, not just for my sons but for all my loved ones, and it has brought me peace and love 100 percent of the time.

To me, these words point to five aspects of Soul. Every time I think of someone and use this phrase, I’m seeing that person and myself as Soul.

For me it translates to “Soul is always safe. Soul is always secure. Soul is always happy. Soul is always healthy. Soul is always wealthy.” What—didn’t you know Soul has a bank account that is always full of love? No matter how many withdrawals you make, there is always more of God’s love.

I use this for myself as well. As I go through my day, I remember to say, “I am safe, secure, happy, healthy, and wealthy. I am!”

It delights me when I hear my family using this technique in their lives too. Last weekend, even my granddaughter said, “Grammy, I am safe, secure, happy, healthy, and wealthy. I am.”

Sometimes our children make choices we may not like. I have learned to separate the choice from the child.  When I do that, I’m seeing the child as Soul, the highest an individual can be. When I see the children as Souls, they start seeing the highest in themselves. Which leads to better choices.

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