01 JAN

Our Family HU Song

Cory Fragoso-Gram

My husband and I currently live in Tucson, Arizona, with our three kids—twelve, four, and three years old. I have been a student of ECKANKAR since I was a child. My mother became a student of ECKANKAR when I was very little. The upbringing I got from my father was based on his Methodist Christian background, and the combination of both paths helped mold me into the spiritual adventurer I am today.  I have found that the path of ECKANKAR suits my freedom-loving heart best. One aspect I love about the path of ECK is the spiritual exercises. These simple exercises help not just me but my entire family grow with a strong foundation in loving unconditionally.

A spiritual exercise can be done at any time, and it promotes the movement of the inner consciousness known as Soul Travel.  One of the spiritual exercises I grew up with and do with my family is the HU Song.

HU is an ancient name for God. It has been used for thousands of years as a prayer and sacred chant to attune oneself to the presence of God.

Anyone can sing HU, regardless of age or religion. It is a simple technique that we use as part of our daily spiritual practice. It uplifts our family spiritually and brings inner peace, healing, and insight.

The spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, Sri Harold Klemp, says (in the book The Sound of Soul, on page 49), “HU is a love song to God that we sing. And it’s to open your heart—like opening your wings. Opening your wings simply means opening your state of consciousness.”

My intention as a father has always been to teach my children and give them tools that will enable them to grow confidently and securely, also helping them develop a personal connection with the Divine. Over my many years of studying this path, I developed my own ways of being creative with the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and singing HU. As a parent, I now get to share them with my children.

One of our favorite events is our family HU Song during bath time.  The “HU baths,” as our children call them, are epic. The mere mention of them sends the kids into squeals of joy and excitement. 

Years ago, I found the free HU app and installed it on my phone.  It was a quick download, and it’s an easy way to hear thousands of people singing this love song.  I often use it when driving home from work or when going to bed.  The HU Song on the app plays for twenty minutes. One day when I was thinking of ways to share the HU with my kids, I thought, Well, twenty minutes is the perfect time frame for a bath!

So, our family HU Song happens at bath time!

Once the tub is full, we turn on our HU app, and together we sing HU. Sometimes we drop epsom salts or a special bath bomb in the water and watch the colors swirl.  We have the time of our lives as a family, listening to the HU together. Every once in a while, one of us will sing HU along with the app.  Once the twenty-minute HU Song has finished, the kids are ready to go to sleep for the night.

This HU has become a connection for my family and has given us a baseline to talk about our day, our feelings, our dreams, and our experiences together.

When my three-year-old becomes fearful of a lizard that seems to keep creeping into her mind, we connect with the HU and shift our consciousness to experience the lizard from a higher perspective and see it as Soul.

There are many more ways you can use this ancient sound, and many more spiritual exercises to try that enrich this spiritual adventure we are all on.